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Aug 3, 2009 12:00pm EDT
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Aug 12, 2009 5:00pm EDT
manager john paulson has bought $2.7 billion worth of bank of america stock. b of a shares are up in after-hours trading. >>> house democrats are urging treasury secretary geithner who limit bonuses at firms that receive government bailouts. >>> michael jackson's estate has signed $80 million worth of deals since the singer's death according to the "wall street journal." >>> "fast money" with melissa lee starts now. being. >>> ben bernanke gives the market the best of both worlds. welcome to "fast money." live from the nasdaq market site. i'm melissa lee. a big, big show tonight. moments away rick stand telly with the fed's action today. theater shift, does this rally have him change his tune? >>> let's get to the word on the street today. a nice broad-based rally. it was so remarkable that even after the statement was released by the fed the rally strengthened. why? >> if you're bearish your's waiting for the possible correction and underinvested. think about this, if you're under ininvested you're waiting for a sign to get back in the marketplace. last friday, post unemployment 2:00 p.m.
Aug 10, 2009 4:00pm EDT
independence is the spirit that drives america's most successful investors. announcer: trade commission-free for 30 days plus get $100 cash when you open an account. >>> bob pisani down on the floor of the new york stock exchange. this is the best they can do right now. believe it or not, we're not far from the worst day of the month. the dow jones industrial average, and i know it's a pretty young month. but the bottom line is this -- they can't drop the market very much. since the second week of july. they tried on several occasions in the last four weeks. they were down 30 or 40, 50 points in the middle of the day, and it's always come off of the lows. sought market is not wanting to go down right now. even on a fairly quiet day, even on a day when we have big gains in financials the prior four or five days, even when we had big gains in cyclical stocks, those stocks did have modest profit-taking today but never extreme. 2%, 3%, 4%. and even with that weakness we saw here general strength in the overall markets. some of the bigger names in the financials, for example, like
Aug 13, 2009 12:00am EDT
him change his tune? >>> buying bank of america shares after the bell, your way to play along with this hedge fund king. >>> let's get to the word on the street today. a nice broad-based rally. it was so remarkable that even after the statement was released by the fed the rally strengthened. why? >> here's the challenge right now in the marketplace. if you're bearish, you're waiting for the possible correction and you're underinvested. think about this, if you're under invested, you're waiting for a sign. last friday, post unemployment 2:00 p.m., s&p 500 futures got below 1012. they still have not recovered yet this week. they tried again today late in the day, couldn't do so. rolled back over.. so again at some point all these people that are under invested are going to come in but it seems like everyone's waiting at the sidelines. i think we're in no man's land. >> this is a very difficult tape. we basically just got back what we lost yesterday. let's get ourselves on an even keel here. i still think we're going lower. everybody's saying the worst is over, this market's goin
Aug 17, 2009 1:00pm EDT
and family of the ladies auxiliary. america honors your service as well. also, governor jan brewer is here of arizona. and mayor phil gordon, our host, here in phoenix. i want too acknowledge president dr. joe shirley jr., president of the navajo nation. and this wasn't on my original card, but this is just an extraordinary story and you may have already heard from her, but i want to publicly acknowledge and thank mrs. helen denton, the secretary to dwight eisenhower who typed up the orders for the normandy invasion and is here today and what an extraordinary story that is. so -- [ applause ] members of the veterans of foreign wars, i am honored and humbled to stand before you as commander in chief of the finest military the world has ever known. we're joined by some of those who make it the finest force in the world. from luke air force base, members of the 56th fighter wing. whether you wear the uniform today or wore it decades ago, you remind us of a fundamental truth. it's not the powerful weapons that make our military the strongest in the world, it's not the sophisticated system that
Aug 13, 2009 5:00pm EDT
of the show, by the way. >> okay. sorry about that. sorry about that, america. i don't understand why the markets moved higher today given the retail sales numbers, given the foreclosure numbers that we had today. >> the world is out of recession according to jim o'neal, founding of the brick. france and germany broke out of recession. that's what i think people are excited about. we're actually getting some follow-through from the rest of the world. >> so this man declaring the global recession over, that's why we held on to these giains today? >> the market does what it wants to do. we've seen it do crazy things. i don't know that this means everything is great. it's over. although there was some positive data in some of the treasury stuff today. >> that's true. the options are over for this week. >> on the one given days, when we get that push to the down side, then suddenly the buyers all come back in. everybody who feels like they missed it -- i talked with scott wapner before the show and he talked about every time there is a sell had of o-off, the buyers. everybody who has miss
Aug 3, 2009 5:00pm EDT
going higher. including possibly bank of america and their settlement with the sec. psychologically that's important. the treasury announced their refunding next quarter which is $415 billion versus over 500. so it looks like the government is getting the deficit at least back under control. you have stories, a dollar that continues to weaken but it's orderly. people don't like that but the bottom line is this will allow commodities and a loft the risk assets and that tells you the risk trade is on. these are all part of the bigger picture. that's what's happening.g. >> you have to look at the fundamentals coming in. coming in this morning you had the chinese pmi looking phenomenal. >> i was up. >> that lent support to the overall market place.. then the ism number, erin, if there is any doubt that third quarter gdp will be positive, we will have growth, it's just a matter of how much we're going to have. it is fully represented in those ism numbers. we are working off inventories and clearly turning the corner from a recession into mild recovery. >> what gets the retail investor back in
Aug 26, 2009 6:00pm EDT
. >>> tonight, i'm going to take the liberty to speak to millions of liberals across america. it's been a sad day in america. we lost our man, senator ted kennedy. lost his battle with brain cancer overnight at the age of 77. every time he was on my radio show, i referred to him as the gladiator. he loved that. he was the gladiator for the people. a fighter, a believer. he fought for labor, for worker's rights, civil rights, human rights and social justice. kennedy was the gold standard when it came to fighting for the working folk of america and he left a huge footprint in this country. he was a champion of the cause, an unselfish man who gave so much to the united states of america. but i will remember him as a fighter. now, there's a lot of talk today about his ability to cross the aisle, his bipartisanship, his work, his friendships but he never compromised his principles. he fought for them passionately. if ted kennedy was on your side, he would be in the trenches with you in the 11th hour. you could count on kennedy. >> we still cannot get a $2.15 over two years. over two years. what is
Aug 4, 2009 8:00pm EDT
the roman empire ruled the world and means america stands anew as the greatest nation on earth. we will fix our problems and come back stronger than most people believe. pax americana boasts the most vibrant economy, and most innovative mind and best form of government so long as it stays out of business and wealth creation. america is exceptional, the one true leader of our planet. frankly, guys, i'm tired of president obama hat in hand apologizing for it to the rest of the world. pitch to the u.s. economy, will you? as a huge rocket ship on the launchpad, countdown has just ended. we have ignition, plumes of smoke are rising and the massive thing is starting to shoulder and shake, and liftoff is about to begin. if you believe in pax amer can narcs america the kickass, you have hope to believe this economy will be far more robust than everyone expects. and darren brooks, a big believe in pax americana. he runs the think tank that encourages individual action. amen. are we in the era of pax americana? >> i think for the last 200 years we have been in the era, this is the greatest nation on
Aug 17, 2009 10:00pm EDT
of dollars. enough to open a dunkin' donuts in space. from america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. get the palm pre. only from sprint. only on the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> the awful truth is told. many of those opposing health care reform actually want to destroy medicare. arianna huffington picks up where rachel maddow left off yesterday. and there may be only 41 maybe 43 votes for the public option in the senate but between 57 and a hundred democrats might abandon the bill in the house if there's no public option. we'll run the numbers past howard dean. the number for glenn beck meantime, 20, 20 advertisers now including walmart that now ditched him after he called the president a racist. worst persons ahead on kount. for your retirement makes sense, just stay on track. .dance you get from fidelity. thanks. stay on the line! whatever your destination, fidelity has the people, guidance, and investments to help you find your way. >>> rachel maddow violated the taboo
Aug 19, 2009 4:00am EDT
is the biotech company up by around 2% and that's after analysts at bank of america and merrill lynch upgraded that stock to overweight from underweight and increased the company's price starting. we are watching ubs. that stock is lower, in line with the rest of the financials here in zurich. we are expecting the deal with the u.s. to be signed in washington later on today. that's when we may get some more details out on the settlement and sales including how many client names will be handed over to the u.s. authorities. there's a possibility of when the swiss government will sell its stake in ubs. ubs authorities have said they're preparing criminal investigations into 150 ubs clients in the u.s. and the wall street journal is reporting that up to 10 swiss and european banks among them. chris swiss and julius bear were identified in the ubs tax probe. that's after ubs clients in the u.s. have come forward and disclosed their ubs accounts, also other foreign accounts and they have said that they're with either credit suisse or other banks. but that doesn't necessarily mean that those banks wi
Aug 10, 2009 7:00pm EDT
turf or concerned citizens, trying to save america? and eric pelosi and the interior democratic congress. 550 million bucks. that's why republicans are smiling. fasten your seat belts, everybody. "the kudlow report" begins right now. of. . >>> i'm larry kudlow. welcome back to the kudlow report, where we believe free market capitalism is the path to prosperity. there is a lot of talk of big government savoring america, or from a health care meltdown according to president obama. well, i really don't think big government saves us from anything. at the end of the day, economic freedom, market competition, and free enterprise are the greatest engines for growth. we'll have these debates tonight on big government and health h care, but i want to weigh in on the new bull market and the new economic recovery. the single-greatest source of stimulus, for both the bull market and the recovery in the economy is profit. profits are the mother's milk of stock, business, and the economy. and if the positive profit story continues, as i believe it will, then investors are going to be just fin
Aug 11, 2009 5:00pm EDT
, in your face. welcome to town hall america. take a look at what happened when senator arlen specter held a town meeting today in lebanon, pennsylvania. >> you want to be let out of here, you're welcome to go. wait a minute. now, wait a minute. now, wait a minute. now, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. >> i have every right to -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. he has a right to leave. >> wow. a similar scene played out later this afternoon when senator claire mccaskill held a town meeting in hillsboro, missouri. add in the protester with the gun strapped to his lower leg who showed up at a church near the town hall event that president obama held in portsmouth, new hampshire today. it's legal to carry the gun in that state, but this is what happens when the demagogues turn up the heat and the angry people come out in force. they start to tune in. that protester will be on the show to explain what he was doing with a gun near the president's meeting this afternoon. >>> also, ewe nice kennedy slifer, the sister of john f. kennedy died today. we will talk about the kennedys and
Aug 17, 2009 7:00pm EDT
or every industry across the country. the government has to be in there to keep corporate america honest? the steel industry, for example? you pick one and name one. the american people are saying we want health care reform. the republicans are saying we want health care reform, but we don't want a government takeover. we don't want socialized medicine and national health care. >> those words are frightening to a lot of people. let me ask you this about a moderate forum, what congressman cooper just mentioned. what do you think of a co-op? >> well, chris, i'm not sure we know what that co-op is. kent conrad has talked about it. all the machinations going on in the senate finance committee, it's all been kept close to the vest. i don't think the american people really know what this co-op would look like. i want to look at it closely. and certainly i will take -- just like senator shelby said on sunday, let's take a look at it and let's make sure. i think anything is better than this government option that's in there competing with an unfair advantage on an unequal playing field. >> let m
Aug 5, 2009 11:00pm EDT
years. but these guys, interesting valuation, lacks catalysts. don't care for it here. bank of america, merrill lynch. they have a sell on you. do they not understand the history of the company and how good you have it? >> jim, as you know, we refocused the company over the previous year and a half. in fact, we've been trying to innovate to help our customers succeed and our companies succeed. if you think about it, what we've been doing is positioning in the data and optical space which are growing and faster than the overall cap in the industry. and in particular, we're focused on the mobility space as well. you're right on target. when you think about it, there's a macro economic trend in the world. everyone around the world wants mobility and they want broadband. and we're focused on that mobility space. and right now, as you know, the phones are moving from just phone service to mobile internet. then into mobile video. and we suspect over time, it will move into mobile commerce. and the u.s., for example, hasn't even started in that space yet. we're playing a big role there. >> wh
Aug 10, 2009 11:00am EDT
to tell you people in america no one realized income went up, millions of them. they have got money to spend. we'll tell you how they are. >> street signs, 2:00, be there. >> news now. >>> down market after the food company raised starting outlook for the year on better than expected sales. price sales are also jumping as its earnings were also better than forecast. boeing got $1.2 billion contracts from the canadian government for 15 new chinook helicopters. cnbc news now, i'm courtney reagan. >>> good morning and welcome to the call. 90 minutes into trading on the floor, the new york stock exchange. we're watching the market trying to move its way back to the flat line, down seven points on the dow. we're going to talk about coming up in this hour whether or not the amount of consumer debt could derail a recovery in the stock market. happy monday, larry. >> thank you. i'm larry kudlow.. paul krugman going at it again. he's arguing big government saved the economy and budget deficits are good. he's calling for a second stimulus. in our call of the wild we're going
Aug 27, 2009 12:00am EDT
and his concern for america's least powerful. as he said so many years ago, the work goes on, the cause endures, and the dream will never die. that's all for this edition of "headliners and legend," i'm lester holt. thank you for watching. >> teddy. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in new york. ted kennedy was the last hurrah, the big baritone out there demanding justice for the left out people, the african-americans, native americans, the old person, the immigrant family that wanted to be american. the sick scared person waiting in the er for hours with something really wrong. why would a big looking guy like him, a rich guy, spend his life worrying about the people left out? was it tribal memory of his own people left out, sent away, told to go back where they came from? was it those old boston signs that said, irish need not apply? what was it that made health care such a crusade for this guy? who do you know who has a broken back who spends his life and time thinking about other people's troubles? was it because his older trouble was secretly sick most of
Aug 27, 2009 12:00pm EDT
out of the limb, so we were playing a bank of america, which turned to be farther out of the limo owe. >> so john, paulson takes 2% of citi, but you think b of a is a better reward. >> well, paulson plays a little different game than we do. i believe he also owns bank of america. but at this point, where the survival is in much less doubt, you go farther out on the limb. and every investor, ourselves included, you get to choose how far on the limb you want to go, and we think citi is farther out on the limb and we're quite comfortable with b of a. >> what about peter's point that the search for yield is on, and perhaps risk has been repriced as a result of people will to go take the bet in the financials, ron? is that a bullish sign for you, longer-term or no? >> well, we think that's true. that's an entirely different point of view than mr. paulson would have. you know, so everybody gets to take their choice in here. and we do think that there's going to be a move. we think that since september, people are saving about 5% of their income, and so -- and much of it has been placed in t
Aug 12, 2009 7:00pm EDT
market, too. of particular focus, john paulson picking up 168 million shares of bank of america as of june 30th, more than a $2 billion stake. you do see the stock up in the after market, paulson also reporting new holdings in regions financial, goldman and state street, based on an sec filing, larry. what we don't know, if he's still holding onto these stocks because the sec filing relates back to his june 30 standing. we don't know that yet, larry and don't know whether he's short other stuff in the market. obviously, this is a guy who knew or could foresee a financial crisis coming and shorted lot of financials back in the day. >> dick bove told us he likes citigroup but paulson went for bank of america. they're both partly government owned. >> they're both partly government owned. some people might say maybe one is more owned by the government than the other. >> paulson is a smart guy. interesting play. thank you, rebecca jarvis. >>> let's dive into our speed trade. jim yoeurio, director of institutional services. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> let
Aug 10, 2009 1:00pm EDT
million people in north america expect from us, so that's what we will do. thank you very much. >> thank you. speaking foreign language ] >> translator: president obama, there are certain questions about violation of human rights here in mexico and all of these problems, fighting drug trafficking, are you going to certify mexico? and how can we move forward with the initiative? we've also been concerned about any attempt against felipe calderon's life. we know about certain threats and insecurity that prevails. this, of course, is certainly related to your country. we're concerned about the visa problem too, but what comments would you have regarding all these questions? [ speaking foreign language ] >> here, here, i think it's coming. go ahead. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: -- want to know if mexico is going to be certified, and if you will help. in applying resources for the initiative. we've also heard about some attempts against the life of president felipe calderon. do you have any knowledge of this? and we're also concerned about national security. we're concerned ab
Aug 11, 2009 1:00am EDT
organizing arm, the dnc and organizing for america, they were a little slow to realize this, that their organizers at their core, they're going to try to pack the halls themselves, they're sending out emails and organizing. i think the picture will be interesting to see the next round of town halls, if they find that they cannot pack the room before the other side does. that's the thing to watch. >> there's a lot of organizing going on out there, involved with the people that did swift-boating against john kerry. and a lot of money involved in the health care industry. one man raising $20 million for spending in this industry. clearly there's a lot of grassroots as well. thank you, jim vandehei. the very successful politico. >> and lynn sweet. from the "chicago sun-times." right now, it's time for the ed show, with ed schultz. >> i'm ed schultz. this is "the ed show." good evening, americans, live from 30 rock in new york, it's "the ed show" on msnbc, good to be back after a week's vacation. tonight, it's an uprising, angry old white folks are storming into town halls all ac
Aug 11, 2009 6:00pm EDT
in the hearts and minds of america. >> we're talking about raising that threshold. if anyone has a problem with someone making $250,000 adjusted gross income, probably it's going to be $500,000 when we're all done. this is a very, very, very wealthy in our kendry, not the people of the middle class or struggling to be in the middle class or hoped to at one point attain a higher income. >> are you surprised at the demeanor of people at these town hall meetings? we haven't seen tape like this, events like this, in 20, 30, 40 years in this country. i mean, you've got to go back to the vietnam war to see this kind of public passion that's been out there. >> well, you know, i live in a walking town hall in my district. when i see people on the streets let me know what they feel. it's done with respect and mutual respect. i have tremendous respect for my constituency and they have for me. i think that's -- regardless of party. that's what's missing right now in this debate. it's not about having a discourse, it's about shutting down meetings, it's about being disruptive. and that's outside the a
Aug 12, 2009 6:00pm EDT
program that determines you're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> tell america he's actually read the house bill. i thought he was working so hard on the senate finance committee. here's the deal. and listen. this is a key point. in the senate help people and on the health care side, this is reimbursement to the doctor who is working with you in dealing with your grandma, who may be close to dieing. so we're going to reimburse the doctor for talking to you about a family issue. what is wrong with that? joining me now is ohio senator, sharrod brown a member of the health, education, labor and pensions committee. senator, good to have you with us tonight. appreciate your time. are you amazed at the misinformation that is out there in the town halls that's being thrown at you and other members of the congress? at the level that it's gotten to. >> in some sense i'm amazed. in another sense i've been doing this long enough i shouldn't be. you think the average executive is making $8 million a year. they kind of like that $8 million a year and that's why these insurance industry people
Aug 19, 2009 5:00pm EDT
stephanopoulos made an amazing statement. let's hear him on "good morning america." >> white house officials have talked privately whether to use the clintons more on health care. you saw president clinton go out and speak to the left progress i bes in that net roots convention last week where he warned them of the consequences of failure there. there have also been discussions whether to employ secretary of state clinton. no final decision on that yet. >> howard, i always thought that this coalition and i know chuck's focused on it, this coalition of the clintons and barack obama is critical, not just on foreign policy but it's not -- this ace political merger. will they come out and help. >> what george said is the staff has talked about it. chuck may have better information than i, but from what i can tell, they have it, if they're going to do it, they haven't asked bill clinton about it yet. did i ask one top white house official what about it. are you going to have clinton involved. he said it's news to me at this point. >> chuck, are you skeptical. >> i'm very skeptival. think about it for
Aug 30, 2009 7:00pm EDT
' hall of fame, which honors america's visionary tinkerers: patsy sherman, who invented scotchgard to protect the rug and furniture; dr. harry coover, who invented super-glue to hold your stuff together; and dr. klaus schmeigel, who invented prozac to hold your head together. and standing tall among them, the subject of our story tonight-- forest bird, a remarkable american original. chances are, his invention has saved the life of someone you know. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories and andy rooney tonight on "60 minutes." ( siren blaring ) special interest groups are trying to block progress on health care reform, derailing the debate with myths and scare tactics. desperately trying to stop you from discovering that reform won't hurt medicare. it will actually strengthen it by eliminating billions of dollars in waste and lowering drug prices. tell congress not to let myths get in the way of fixing what's broken with health care. learn the facts at the only
Aug 12, 2009 9:00am EDT
in just a minute. >>> and some packing heat. and militias in america are on the rise. what is going on? is it the economy? are they angry with liberals, or angry over a black president? we will discuss that. >>> and the transportation secretary wants answers when passengers are trapped on a tar mat. how long is too log to be stuck on a plane? what are your rights once you board a plane. >>> and economists say the recession is over. what does it mean for your house or job or 401(k)? it's 9:00 a.m. pull up a share and join the "morning meeting." >>> good morning to you. lots of democracy with town halls and other events being held across the married. contessa setting things up. >> nearly two dozen health care events scheduled for today. they are poe ttentially facing with more protestors. and democrats and republicans are following arlen specter's lead holding town halls. and some of the moments, they got wild, not so much the president's town hall, but people have to fight to be heard. angry protesters shouted down senator claire mccaskill yesterday. >> i don't understand the rudeness.
Aug 2, 2009 12:00pm EDT
: the phony leaders, dead-end movements, and culture of failure that are undermining black america--and what we can do about it". >> host: let me begin with a book that came out 11 years ago on thurgood marshall called american revolutionary. and you write in the book he could charm a racist cop with stories and jokes. that he was capable of intimidating rivals but he had nagging doubts about his role on the supreme court. >> guest: it's very interesting and the difficulty of the psychology of being black in america. he was the insecurity, he was the first african-american to be on the court, understood right away that as he went through confirmation hearings -- you know, we've just gone through confirmation hearings with sonia sotomayor where you think back to clarence thomas' hearings oh, my gosh, minorities, women, very difficult. thurgood marshall's lasted almost three months. and his intellect was questioned top to bottom, you know, was he smart enough to really be among the nation's legal elite? and sit there in judgment as a member of the court. and so as he gets on the court he thoug
Aug 17, 2009 6:00am EDT
. >> that's why mom and dad aren't reminding america, hey, little baby, stimulus turns six today. >> angry next door neighbors. >> finally, we always like when athletes or people around sports get involves in politics. mike allen, who is the latest? >> the republicans are discovering that the nfl is a great place to recruit. they feel it helps them with their message of commitment, hard work, valus and so there's now a couple people who are trying to follow in the footsteps. >> did michael vick make an announcement last night? >> no politics in the michael vick interview. he said he found god, which we were happy about. >> he found god and he loves animals, please. who is your pr company? >> you don't like god or animals, mika? >> i just like reality. >> no, you know what, mika grew up in the mean northeast streets of harlem and she's a little more cynical. >> you're talking to a woman who has gutted a deer, okay? >> you know, by the way, they make you do that at madeira before you graduate. >> if you do it, where do you get to go? william. >> is it a problem that they interviewed me and w
Aug 16, 2009 2:30am EDT
you can save money, because of it. the "wall street journal report" starts right now. this is america's number one financial news program, the "wall street journal report." now, maria bartiromo. >> hello, i'm bill griffeth, and maria will be along in a few minutes. >> here is a look at what is making news as we head into a new week on wall street. as anticipated, the federal reserve's open market committee kept a key interest rate at or near zero percent. the fed statement though which provides important insights into how the members of the ofmc are thinking is slightly more optimistic than it had been. and the open committee says that the economy appears to have a bottom and economic activity is leveling out. that helped to push the markets higher wednesday and the dow was up 100 points after two days' declines and the dow rose again thursday, but fell on friday. retail sales numbers released by the government were disappointing and the commerce department said they edged down by .1% in july. most analysts had been anticipating a slight increase. an astonishing number from general mo
Aug 7, 2009 7:00pm EDT
in large names. bank of america up all day, a group at the close and so did citigroup and others as well. and classic cyclicals, railroads strong, ryder and the trucking group. finally, the major industry, dow up 2% but transports outperformed everything. >> thanks very much, bob pisani. we have walter myers, jim eurieio, option contributor and director at tjm institutional services. thank you very much. jim, let me start with you. another rip roaring triple digit day, what do you make of it? >> today's a huge day. as you said before, it was kind of decoupling of the weak dollar strong stock market trade, like the currency market is letting loose of the currency market on its own to see if it can fly and it did fly. there's been so many people shorting the dollar so long now that we started this move high owner the dollar perhaps we will see some shorts take on some heat and see a little bbit -- >> tell me about short the dollar. this is such an important theme. we talked about it on this program last night. i did argue with my great friend, rick santelli a strong jobs report would contr
Aug 19, 2009 8:00pm EDT
. this is not a war of choice. this is a war of necessity. those who attacked america on 9/11 are plotting to do so again. gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico could save 'em hundreds on car insurance. it's actually doing it. gecko vo: businessmen say "hard work equals success." well, you're looking at, arguably, the world's most successful businessgecko. gecko vo: first rule of "hard work equals success." gecko vo: that's why geico is consistently rated excellent or better in terms of financial strength. gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked "the gecko." come on people. >> in just over two hours the people of afghanistan will begin risking their lives doing what we take for granted -- voting for president. they paid a high price of taliban attacks and bombings, taken the lives of seven afghan election workers and six u.s. troops. the carnage isn't confined to afghanistan today. a series of six explosions in baghdad left 95 people dead and at least 500 wounded. it is the deadliest day in iraq since u.s. troops pulled out of cities and
Aug 26, 2009 1:00pm EDT
that america must sail toward the shores of liberty and justice for all. no, there is no end to that journey, only the next great voyage. we know the future will outlast all of us, but i believe that all of us will live on in the future we make. >> good afternoon from washington, i'm david gregory, we welcome to you this msnbc special, continuing coverage of the death of senator ted kennedy. by now, you probably heard the 77-year-old lion of the senate and patriarch of the kennedy political dynasty died late last night at his home in cape cod on hyannis port after a year-long struggle with brain cancer. today, friends, colleague and leaders worldwide are remembering kennedy as an extraordinary force who worked tirelessly on behalf of the working class and the poor. on capitol hill here in washington, kennedy's home for nearly half a century, the senator, the flags are flying at half staff this afternoon, as are those at the white house and federal buildings across the country. and there are tributes coming in from around the country and the world. former president george w. bush telling nbc
Aug 26, 2009 11:00pm EDT
tonight to stand with you, to change america. >> he will be one of the greatest united states senators. there's no question about it. >> it is a mark of ted's greatness that he does not care who gets the credit as long as the job gets done. >> edward moore kennedy. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> he's been a democratic stalwart for morning four decades. champion of such social causes as civil rights, immigration reform and universal health care. in his personal life, senator edward kennedy has suffered great pain and been in the midst of great controversy, enduring what many called the curse of the kennedys. but tlhrough all of his politicl triumphs and personal tragedies, there has been one constant in the life of senator kennedy, a commitment to public service, a commitment first instilled by his parents, joseph and rose fitzgerald kennedy. childhood friends joseph patrick kennedy and rose fitzgerald marry on october 7, 1914. he is the son of a successful businessman, an irish-catholic community leader. she the daughter of john francis fitzgerald, the legendary honey fitz, a former congr
Aug 17, 2009 5:00pm EDT
and internal control procedures. the team made attempts to contact the company. bank of america is taking over the servicing of most of the loans. if you recently made payment, the fha said your payment should have been received and transferred to bac home servicing. you can find answers on our website just click on i-team. >> coming up, stomach cancer is one of these toughest -- one of the toughest cancers to treat. as your children have back to school, they may be nervous about their first day. how to get them ready for the upcoming school year. >> president obama talks to the veterans of foreign wars about his two wars in iraq and afghanistan. that story is coming up. >> the city works on an abandoned car problem. >> michael jackson was known for his music but he could be known his music but he could be known for something oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three: fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month. oh, all right, see... you're just moving your fingers, aren't you? i gotta cut my nails. (announcer) now get three amazing fios services for the price of t
Aug 25, 2009 4:00pm EDT
of america and merrill lynch you. might recall ta both sides along with the sec i should say, the sides being bank of america and the sec providing submissions to judge overseeing this case yesterday. the judge overseeing this says that monday's submissions raised a few additional issues about the case. essentially the judge has a couple of questions specifically for bank of america and wants to know more specifics why the bank will spend $33 million to settle with the sec without admitting or denying wrongdoing if the proxy statement was not false or misleading, including whether it settled to curry favor with the sec. essentially when both sides, the sec and b of a submitted filings, they say that they relied on outside counsel to create the proxy statement. and rakeoff essentially says it is at war with common sense for a corporate officer who produced a proxy statement to say he relied on counsel and if the company does not waive privilege, meaning attorney/client, then the officer and council's culpability are beyond scrutiny. ray cough essentially ordering both the sec and bank of ameri
Aug 13, 2009 3:00pm EDT
behavior, period. obesity is a problem in america and will continue to grow. not sure what the solution is, but a tax to the general population will not solve anything but the pocket of the u.s. treasury who can't seem to ever close the checkbook." we got a lot from you. a lot of people talking about the sugar lobby, something we'll tackle on another show. in the meantime final hour of trade coming with "the closing bell." >>> a successful 30-year auction briefly brings stocks to new highs. we faded a bit since then wp we're entering the final and most important hour of the trading day right now. welcome to "the closing bell," everybody. i'm bob pisani down on the floor of the new york stock exchange. hello, michelle. >> hi, bob, good to see you, i'm michelle caruso-cabrera in for maria bartiromo at cnbc global headquarters. right now the dow jones industrial average is lower by a 4r89 more than ten points. 9,351. the nasdaq pretty indecisive trade there as well, higher by nearly two points, sitting right now on the 2,000 mark. the s&p 500 pretty indecisive day but let's see as we go into
Aug 14, 2009 5:00pm EDT
. a big show tonight. we'll show you a correction next week. and later a company that's helping america and its profits recover from giant job losses, and breaking all night, new holdings from warren buffett and george soros and other investment whales that you may not believe. what we may find. >>> a word from the street, a nice rebound from the session lows. what was that? a technical bounce there? >> i think there were late guys coming in to cover shorts and it was working for them. nail biting. i think people were watching 992 and guys were expecting a sloppy monday if we broke that. today's recovery was i think encouraging. i don't think any of the pullbacks are going to be that steep. i've been saying that and i think the data today should not be, you know, i think empasized from the consumer side, i think the consumer confidence number is -- the consumer is out of work and strapped for cash, but i think the number reacted to walmart. >> each pullback may not be steep, but you can have the case of dying by a thousand paper cuts. >> it was about technical battling fundamentals. las
Aug 10, 2009 9:00pm EDT
, the average family in america will be paying between 40% and 50% of their income on health care insurance premiums. this is unsustainable, if i can't stand up to some screamers and to rush limbaugh, then i don't deserve to be in the united states senate. >> is there a democratic versus republican fight going on that is about health care policy? if we -- everybody acknowledges the numbers -- most people acknowledge the number of uninsured out of control costs, the difficulties, not only for american families, but for our economy and our international competitiveness in terms of our business. are republicans proposing a different way to meet those challenges? or are they saying don't fix it, it's fine? >> they're the party as nope. and i like to think of myself in the party of hope. it's no, it's no about everything. and you know, i don't think they do buy into the fact that this is a problem for most americans. they say we have the greatest health care in the world. well, the fact is, we pay twice as much and our outcomes aren't as good. we have 48 million people with no health care as a r
Aug 14, 2009 6:00pm EDT
the senior citizen population in america. stephen a. smith is in the houston night. the national football league and the philadelphia eagles a have decided to give michael vick a second chance. are you ready to give michael vick a second chance? get your cell phones out right now and text "a" for yes and "b" for no to 622639. we'll have a big discussion on this tonight. all that, and of course the drugster is back in "psycho talk." "daily show" co-creator lizz winstead weighs in on the edwards baby daddy drama. it will be a dandy. >>> first tonight's "op ed." all right, the president. he undoubtedly was the commander in chief on health care today. he went to big sky country, belgra belgrade, montana, and told the truth again. >> this is not some government takeover. if you like your doctor you can keep seeing your doctor. this is important. i don't want government bureaucrats meddling in your health care but i also don't want insurance company bureaucrats meddling in your health care either. >> everybody got that? conservative talkers, you got that? come on. the guy is so clear. the presi
Aug 18, 2009 1:00am EDT
sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it once was like in america when men were free. >> holy sacagawea. freedom died in 1951? arianna, thanks for your time. >> thank you, keith. >> let me ask you mr. reagan's question from the black and white videotape and records days. do you remember what it was once like in america when men were free before medicare? >> well, actually, i don't have to have such a good memory because all you have to do is look at what's happening in america now to people under 65 who don't have health insurance or even have health insurance but can't pay the deduct ibls. we saw what happened last week, keith. right here outside los angeles in inglewood when people had to line up overnight to receive the kind of care that is normally provided by doctors and nurses in third world countries and they lined up and waited for eight days. by the end of the eight days there still weren't enough doctors and nurses to see them. that is what it looked like when men were free. >> connect the dots between that mr. reagan of 1961 and the medicare tyran
Aug 10, 2009 6:00am EDT
. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. 26 minutes of a the hour. it's a long way from mexico but coastal maine, believe it or not, has become an emerging market for mexican drug cartels. >> the drug in demand, not marijuana, cocaine but heroin, a story you'll see only on american morning. >> reporter: when you think of the war on drugs you think inner cities, new york, chicago, l.a., d.c., but coastal maine? you may be surprised to hear heroin has become a huge problem too big to contain. lighthouse, lobsters. >> heroin, more heroin. >> and heroin? >> it's scary. >> thousands of miles from the drug cartels of mexico, this bucolic place in a mecca for heroin use. this detective has been working for decades. he says he's seen it all but never this. >> my case load for heroin has tripled over the last three years. >> that's incredible. >> yeah, i
Aug 13, 2009 6:00am EDT
in america but if you look at polls that have been released lately, that is so insignificant. i know global warming is something celebrities and people on the left are just absolutely wrapped up in. it's the most important thing in the world to a lot of these people. you look at the polls of americans. that is so low on the list, it's in single digits, i believe. i'm sure somebody from media matters will say -- i've seen polls where americans who care about the environment, global warming is on the bottom of that list and yet they jammed this bill through congress and, again, it just distracts americans from what you say are the top priorities. jobs, jobs, and jobs. >> most normal people in this country when you mention cap and trade to them they'll ask you a question like, well, are we going to get a pitcher in return? they don't know what cap and trade is. >> by the way, mike, i'm not even weighing in on the global warming debate or the health care debate now. i'm simply talking about overloading the circuits with ideological items that middle america just doesn't give a damn about for th
Aug 26, 2009 4:00pm EDT
. independence is the spirit that drives america's most successful investors. announcer: trade commission free for 30 days plus get $100 cash when you open an account. >>> no big sell-off but also no rally here. bob pisani, by the way, on the floor of the new york stock exchange. excellent new home sales numbers. look what's been going on here. we've been seeing new home sales four consecutive months on the up side. existing home sales four consecutive months on the up side. case shiller home price index up two months in a row now. these are clearly numbers that indicate some kind of bottom is being put in. why isn't the market a little more impressed? maybe because we've already had a 4% rally in a month that is traditionally seasonally considered weak. august and september the two weakest months of the year back to back. traders have been trying to play the short end of this thing and they've been losing. so a lot of people have simply been capitulating to go along with the overall trade. we've got more economic numbers in a couple days. there's the bell. you know who's next, maria bartiromo
Aug 26, 2009 5:00pm EDT
the nasdaq market site, yes, in new york city, times square. welcome to america's post market show. rick santelli in for melissa lee. these are the "fast money" traders. running out of steam, deja vu all over again. this has been a hot topic. pete, do we have a definitive answer on this? >> i don't know if we can. if you really look at the volume today, the volume is extremely light. option volumes have been really very, very strong. even when we see the stock market coming down. today, option volumes once again. it's trading 15 million contracts a day. today we barely broke 10 million. so risk aversion has been sort of the topic that everybody's been talking about today. looking at the markets, when you look at the markets, there's a little bit of a rotation, maybe into some of the lower-risk style trades. they've gotten a good bang for their buck over the last year or twoxt y two. you like to look at the ranges. look at news corps, sales near 50. oih, sales near 110. people are playing these ranges, they are playing the charts and so far the charts are working. >> techs always seem to
Aug 11, 2009 8:00pm EDT
. these guys are tone deaf and out of touch. finally, some parts of america are waking up and taking to the streets to say enough is enough. they're peppering politicians with questions. why mess with health insurance if 68% of americans already like their coverage? they're giving congress an earful on other gaps including private jet gate. congress authorizing $550 million for eight new private jets after calling auto executives on the carpet for flying private jets on their own. congress says it will spend instead only $220 million on only four planes as the pentagon first requested. i say cut that order to zero. it is an outrage members of congress would spend taxpayer money on their own luxury in this recession. it is tone deaf guys, fly first class commercial. you know what i'm saying? this anti-business backlash is so bad it even has invaded the federal judiciaryry. a federal judge named rakoff fined the bank $33 million for allegedly failing to inform shareholders fully about bonuses at merrill lynch. but the judge, instead of granting routine approval has launched a bonus in
Aug 20, 2009 12:00pm EDT
the change from bank of america rounds up every debit card purchase to the next dollar and transfers the difference from your checking to savings account. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier. >>> getting word now of a new age discrimination suit against at&t, the equal employment commission citing an at&t policy that prohibited workers over 40 to retire under various retirement and severance plans. the shares of at&t not moving much now. >> let's get to the markets. again, another day where the bulls have the upper hand, but only by a slight amount, and again on low volume. it is august. let's bring our task force in. j.j. burns with us, as is vice president of mf global in chicago. j.j., i gather you want to take some profits off these tables here, don't you? >> yeah, we have been very careful to retrench a bit, in the stock side, and reallocate away from stocks. we have always had for most of this year, bill, a very low balance of our portfolios in stock so we benefited by gaining exposure to investment grades, and sitting back and colle
Aug 21, 2009 3:00pm EDT
if saving money happened as automatically as everything else? at bank of america, it practically does. use the bankamericard power rewards visa credit card and earn rewards like cash back with every purchase. cash you can put into savings. or even use to help pay down your credit card balance. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier. ♪ yes, you're lovely... ♪ what do you think? hey, why don't we use our points from chase sapphire and take a break? we can't. sure, we can. the points don't expire... ♪ there is nothing for me... ♪ there's no travel restrictions... we could leave tomorrow. we can't use them for a vacation. you can use the points for just about anything. i know... ♪ the way you look tonight ♪ chase what matters. get your new chase sapphire card at >>> net income coming in at $228 million. it was 33 cents a share. on the back of that gap received two upgrades. sbr and key bank capital markets raised the stock rating to an outperform. the stock is trading higher today, as you can see there, better than 3% hi
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